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Manicured Grounds Management started with a young boy mowing lawns and shoveling snow throughout his neighborhood. At the time, the young boy just wanted to earn enough change to get snacks from the local corner store. His neighbors immediately took notice of his dedication and attention to detail of his workmanship. The young boy eventually grew up but continued to serve his community as a firefighter/EMT. Although he had a career, started a family and was no longer eating junk food, he continued to feed his passion by sharpening his craft in and around his community. With his love for working with people and the outdoors, his vision had finally come to fruition and Manicured Grounds Management, LLC was born. 

Manicured Grounds Management is family owned and operated and has been providing customers with quality grounds maintenance for years. At Manicured Grounds Management, we take pride in understanding our customers, trends, and concerns of the local community.


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Tel: 248-210-7161

P.O. Box 210212

Auburn Hills, MI 48321

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